Trash / Recycling
Trash and Recycling services are provided by Republic Services.
Pickup day is on Thursday (except delayed one day following a holiday week including New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day).
Trash cans and Recycle bins are to be left out no earlier than 6:00pm the evening before pickup, and cans must be brought in by 10:00am the day following pickup.
Acceptable recycling materials: All Fibers including cardboard, newspaper, magazines, phone books, mixed papers, junk mail, office paper, and all containers including Glass & Plastic, Steel/Tin, and Aluminum cans.
Materials NOT accepted for recycling: Plastic bags, Styrofoam, Yard Waste.
Furniture, appliances, bedding, desks, etc. are the tenant / homeowner responsiblility for proper disposal. It is not the duty of the association to pay for removal. Please call a non-profit organization to remove these items. Fines will be levied on persons violating this rule.
All vehicles parked outside of the garages must be in designated parking spaces and have their parking permit properly displayed on the front windshield by the rearview mirror or they are at risk of being towed away.
Fire lanes are tow away zones and you are at risk of being towed if you are parked in these areas. Also, parking in front of the garages for long periods of time is prohibited.
All vehicles parked on the property must comply with the Association's Parking Rules and Regulations.
Parking permits remain the property of the Association and may be recalled at any time.
Noise Violations
Please be mindful of your neighbors and keep the noise at a minimum. If you do have a problem, please speak to your neighbors first and if you are unable to resolve the problem, please take the following action:
  1. Call the HOA Security Company (see phone number below). Leave a message with your name, phone number, and detailed information about the disturbance (Location, type of noise, etc). *Note that the Security Company only operates in the late evening and early morning hours.
  2. Call the San Diego Police (619) 531-2000. It is appropriate to call the Police to maintain peace and quiet in our community. A Police log is maintained (see CAPP information below).
  3. Contact the Management Company and report the same information filed with the Police in writing (written letter or email).
    A complaint file is maintained by the Association and will be reviewed for corrective action.
  4. Continue to report noise violations when they occur to the Police and the Management Company as necessary.
CAPP / Loud Disruptive Parties Information (pdf)
Fines will be levied against residents who are deemed to be uncooperative in maintaining a harmonious community environment by generating excessive noise.
Architectural Changes
Any alteration affecting the exterior of the buildings Including replacement windows, security screen doors, and satellite dishes, must be pre-approved by the Board of DIrectors.
Please contact the Management Company for the appropriate forms or for clarification on alterations.
Attachments to outside walls, stucco, or wood are not allowed as the integrity of the walls may be compromised. This allows moisture and or insects to intrude inside the wall.
Satellite Dishes
Satellite dishes require architectural approval from the Homeowners Association. There are guidelines to be followed for proper installation.
Please contact the Management Company for the appropriate forms and guidelines. Fines may be imposed for non-compliance and those not requesting approval.
Replacement Windows
Replacement windows require architectural approval from the Homeowners Association.
Black metal framed windows that match with existing architecture must be used. White and off-white vinyl windows may not be used.
Please contact the Management Company for the appropriate forms and guidelines.
Fines may be imposed for non-compliance and those not requesting approval.
Please pick up after your dog and be sure they are on a secure leash whenever outside.
Reclaimed water is used throughout the complex for irrigation. Do not allow your pet to drink irrigation water.
Vandalism can be very costly and affects all homeowners. If anyone sees vandalism occurring, please report it immediately to the Police and the Management Company.
Vandalism includes but not limited to: defacing walls, breaking door locks, damaging pool furniture, and damaging other common or homeowner property.
Pest Control
Pests such as rats, mice, bees, termites, other insects, and some birds can pose a threat to individuals and property. Please report infestation of any pests to the Management Company.
Please keep in mind that pest control and damage to internal structures is the responsibility of individual homeowners. External structures and other common property is generally maintained by the homeowners association.
Plumbing / Water Shut-off Policy
The Association requires that you give 48-72 hours notice if you are going to shut off the building water supply. Notify the Management Company.
Please be aware that the Association does have a policy in reference to shutting off water to a building when performing plumbing repairs:
  1. Notices need to be placed on the general mailbox for the affected building and on the doors of all the units of that building.
  2. The notice must indicate the time of shut-off, unit doing plumbing repairs with a phone number if homeowners or residents need to contact you.
  3. The Association requires that you shut off the water to the building after 10:00am and try to have the water back on before 5:00pm.
  4. Phase 2 Buildings have the water shut-off closets typically on either side of each building. Phase 1 Buildings have individual water shut-off valves located in the garage of each unit.
Useful Phone Numbers
Howerton Management (Homeowner's Assoc. Management Company)
(858) 569-1793 x101
San Diego Patrol (Homeowner's Association Security Company)
(619) 525-3445
City of San Diego Police Department
(858) 484-3154 for non-emergencies
9-1-1 for emergencies
City of San Diego Water Department
(619) 515-3500
San Diego Gas & Electric
(800) 411-7343
Allied Waste Services
(800) 421-9401
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